Jul 09 , 2018

Maria Marin Beauty Admin


My Latin Heritage inspires the Maria Marin skincare line. The beautiful packaging is designed in fuchsia and silver, blending passion with elegance, a perfect representation of Latina’s style. The full line combines a Cleanser, Perfection Serum, Day Cream and Eye Cream. With these four products, you will get amazing results; anti-aging benefits, youthful looking skin and a boost in your confidence.

Every product has three ingredient pillars that erase years away. One of them is Camu Camu an antioxidant made of super berries. Another one is the Amazon Jungle Trio (Brazilian Jinseng, Muira Puama, Catuaba) with anti-aging properties, and also Perilla Oil to create a subtle ageless skin.

I absolutely love the Day Cream. It’s a super powerful formula, with a light application massage quickly penetrates leaving your skin ultra soft with a beautiful glow.  The Perfection Serum is a super boost of moisture and anti-aging agents to revive your skin while you sleep. The Eye Cream is a rich treatment effective against fine lines, under eye bags and puffiness. And the Cleanser gently removes makeup, pollutants and daily stress leaving your skin ready for the next step.

The texture and smell of all the products are very soothing. The oil scents are Amber, which inspires boldness. Jasmine stimulates passion and femininity, Geranium Rose arouses calm and Vanilla reduces stress.

Maria Marin skincare line is inspired in Latina’s chicness, elegance, and sensuality. I want my products to empower women to look gorgeous and feel confident.

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